Today, 5 Years Ago

I didn’t feel, 5 years elapsed since I was Senior High School student. Today, I don’t remember  when exactly the date is while I did my SPMB test (now, SNMPTN). I felt that SPMB is the big struggle that I have passed. I really remember how my struggle is so that I can passed the test. Fiuh.. But, my struggle are paid while I accepted the result of the test. Alhamdulillah, I was accepted in ITB.

However, there’s something different about the procedure’s. Also differs from the problems. Now, there’s a potential academic test. And if the past, I have to queuing to gather form of registration. But now, it become easier. We don’t necessary to queue because now have been built a sophisticated information technology. I don’t know since when those facility have been built.

So, we can make time more effective. The time that must be used to queue, it can be used to learn. But, may be when I was SPMB participant, use of information technology haven’t as sophisticated as now yet. Ya, this is a digital period, where the people called digital generation. But, it returnable to each people to use IT. Certainly, in SNMPTN process, it become easier than my period. Hopefully, the result will be better than my period. Good luck! ITB is being waited for you! 😀


One thought on “Today, 5 Years Ago

  1. indah

    Ya, now SNMPTN is different from the past.. Quota for entering ITB more decrease and the fee is more expensive..


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