Today’s Activity

NB: This story happened yesterday, but I’m posting it today. So, imagined that today is yesterday.

I’ve gone from my house since a half past four a.m. I’ve booked one seat of travel agent because I wanna go to University of Indonesia to attend IMUN 2011 Workshop. In the travel’s minibus, I’m the one and only passenger who bought ticket. So, only the driver and I in that minibus. I felt like a boss, haha.. I’m sorry, just kidding 😀

Two hours thirty minutes later, I arrived in Depok, near Lenteng Agung region. It was 7.30 a.m in my watch. And then, I get on public transportation until ahead UI’s bus station. I’m stopping the student bus and then the bus stopped in front of mosque. It’s dhuha time, I did dhuha’s pray before. After that, then I went to the location where the workshop is held. It’s not too far. I’m walking around while enjoying the atmosphere of campus.

Before workshop is started, I registered my name again. I felt a little disappointed, because there are the speakers who are changed. Written at publication that the speakers are Nurul Arifin (as politician), Christine Hakim (as ambassador). But, when I entrance the room, I saw the speakers was changed. But, never mind. Because I think, speakers substitute still have each competence.

There are 5 speakers in that workshop. And all of the speakers speak in English, except one, she is Dewi Hughes. Because she wants the audience can really understand her topic. She said that there are vocabularies in English that can’t be suitable to be translated in Indonesia. But, although she speaks in Indonesia, she could made the audiences were impressed. What a good speaker! And guess what, all crew and speakers could speak English fluently. It’s awesome! Like a truly International conference.

I followed program like this sort of because I wanna make an English condition (atmosphere) in myself. I wanna be familiar with the conference that were held by using English. It’s necessary if someday I were a speaker in International Forum, at least in National Forum. These are (one of) my dreams (I wanna you say “Amin”). Certainly, those forum is suitable with my competence. For instance, in International Forum of Academician.

Oke, enough for story about workshop and conference. It was finished at 4 o’clock p.m. And then, I remember that UI have a big library that just finished. So, I went to library as long as I’m be in UI. How the biggest library! I think, It’s modern library that can change opinion about old library. I think, many libraries in Campus areas still have obsolete design for their library. It must be changed! So, it can be increasing interest of people to come and to read.

This some picture of UI’s Library.

One of corner of Library

I wrote partly this writing in UI’s Library. I got so much inspiration there, because the atmosphere support me to write. Moreover, this library has been built with new look. So, I got further enlightened about modern library, especially that were built in campus area. And I saw too, this library being one of favourite place to hang out. Even this library is located beside a little lake. It could refresh our mind. Believe me! And I imagine ITB will make innovation at library too. Hopefully.

Oke, enough for today. And there are many thing that must be done next.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Activity

  1. ardian

    Hoho, it’s interesting activity. I haven’t visited UI yet, whereas I wanna see UI asmosphere. Hopefully, someday I have a chance to visit. 🙂 Nice share


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