Busy While Waiting

I often heard most of the people said, “Waiting is the most disliked thing” or “Waiting is boring activity”. Yes, basically, I do agree with that statement, because I also ever felt that. Many things that makes me in waiting condition. Whether waiting my friends, waiting the time, or even waiting uncertainty condition.

But, in some case, I usually prepare a book or more to anticipate wasted time. While I’m waiting, I usually read a book. But, I also ever didn’t bring a book while waiting. Hence, I felt the time runs slowly. I have no idea to do something. Therefore, to anticipate such case in the future, I always bring a book or something that makes me feel not bored while waiting. Moreover, whatever that makes me busy while waiting.

In some case, I ever brought book and notebook in waiting condition. There are two choice, but I would rather choose notebook than book. Why? Because in some condition, there’s condition that not support me to read a book. So, I choose my notebook to keep me busy while waiting. I can do some activity, like writing, reading ebook, chatting, and browsing. It’s interesting to me.

Actually, my waiting’s stories above is a little part from waiting section. In our live activity, many thing that makes us waiting. For instance, waiting for a job, waiting for an interview, waiting for soulmate, and many more. But, there’s one importantly and certainly thing that we wait. What’s that? We called it the death. Yes, you right, actually we have been waited by the death.

So, what should we do in waiting condition? Whatever. But, important to be noted, whatever things that makes us busy, certainly busy in goodness. Yes, actually we are always in waiting condition. Waiting for the best from each thing we do. Definitely, we are doing the best for get the best. Like Law of Attraction, the more we give the best, the more we get the best.

In other case, waiting even can give us a chance to do some activity, if we can see it from positive view. Happy “waiting”, make sure busy during waiting. Busy in goodness and get the best from whatever we done.


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