Journal of Ramadan

It has been a long while I’m not writing on note feature of Facebook (FB). In the past, I always wrote anything there. I was wrote several topics. Ya, as my motto in writing “Bunch the knowledge by writing”. But, these days, I seldom posting my writing on FB’s note, because I think it’s enough at my personal blog. Until today, I’m forget when the last day I stopped posting my writing on FB.

Last year, I have written 30 days non-stop in Ramadan. Very excited! But, I admitted that it’s also self-incriminating. Because I have to produce new idea every day. It isn’t easy job. I read many books and hear many ustadz’s speechs, and then I write it on my note. If the idea is good, I make it being writing for that day. Of course, I have to develop the idea.

But, I ever felt there’s no idea in my mind to be written. I’m confuse because if it happen, I can’t post writing that day. It means, I can’t fulfill one of my target. But, I was impose my self so I can make writing on that day, alhamdulillah. That’s the reason why I felt that writing every day is not easy. But, you may not be suggested that you can’t writing every day. Try it, and you will feel the experience.

Now, Ramadan is just calculate the day. My writing spirit is back again. Ya, I want this moment isn’t just ordinary moment. I want make it extraordinary moment and I have plan—one of my plan—to write anything in Ramadan (Ramadan Journal), especially the topic that suitable with Ramadhan’s sphere. May be, I will not writing every day, but Insya Allah I will writing in English.

Bismillah. I beg prayer from those who read this writing.


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