Thanks God, It’s Ramadan

All praises to Allah who has given us health until now, so that we can meet again with Ramadan. It doesn’t feel, one year has elapsed. What have we done during one year ago? Whether it’s goodness or badness. Whatever we have done, now we have a big chance to correct ourselves, because Ramadan is month which full of forgiveness. And this is the best moment to drew near to Allah (again) after a long while we keep away from Him.

Ya, everything never be the same. May be, Ramadan this time is never be the same as the past. Everything and everybody has changed. Of course, Ramadan’s nuance also has changed, whether it’s new friends, new environment (work place or new college, etc),  But, it wouldn’t give us big impact if we have good plan and noble aim.

I’m very grateful because I can feel again Ramadan’s nuance, moreover I can feel its nuance with my family, new friends, new environment, and new spirit. Yearning about Ramadan has been paid. Once again, I would like to say, “Thanks God, it’s Ramadan.”


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