Ramadan’s Spirit

Ramadan taken from root of word that means “burning” or “sharpen”. It’s named such because on this month, our sins are dropped off and burned, because of awareness and pious deed. Or we called it as month of sharpen, it means that we are accustomed to sharping our soul so that become better than before. Ramadan like fertile land that prepared to be planted by seed of goodness.

Fasting during Ramadan is people’s effort to follow Allah’s character. If such a meaning of fasting, so we must planting good seed. The seed that can put us to good characters, so that it can adorn our morals and improve the way of thinking.

Need to be remembered that life is not only pull and exhale, but also it must be in line with Allah’s rules and human’s ability, namely alive continously that  can exceed border of generation and nation. It only can be obtained by spirit and highly effort.

In fact, Ramadan have produced big achievement. For instance, victory at The Badar War (2H/624 M), Fathu Makkah (8H/630M), struggle for seize Andalusia that led by Thariq bin Ziyad, and many more. Moreover, proclamation of Indonesia’s independence day happened in Ramadan. That’s the achievement that be obtained by effort and spirit in Ramadhan. No pain no gain. Therefore, there’s no reason that can decrease Ramadan’s Spirit.


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