A Letter for Smoker

I have an interesting offer to you (only for smoker). I will exhaling vehicle’s smoke to you and your family everyday. You must paying to me only Rp. 300.000 per month. Are you interested? There’s a  discount if you reserve from now! So, are you waiting for? Maybe, you will thinking and asking, “Hey! What the hell is it?! My money have given to you, but I don’t get benefit.”

Wait, wait, wait. Unaware, maybe you have been doing this for a years. Yes, you right! Namely: smoking. As we know, cigarette’s smoke more dangerous than vehicle’s smoke. However, a smoker always poison himself everyday for a years. Whereas, our health is asset to worship, to call fortune, to hunt knowledge, and many more.

I think, I don’t need to explain bla-bla-bla about cigarette’s danger. I’m sure that smokers have known about it, but I’m afraid those smoker can read. Because, in cigarette’s pack written reminder about cigarette’s danger. I’m so sure that smoker have willingness to stop smoking. Hey, are you waiting for? It’s time to stop smoking. Ramadhan is the best moment to do it.

Insya Allah, I prayed to you so that you really stop smoking. You will feels more healthy than before and you can economize your money. Believe that! You will alive healthier, more quiet, more clean, and many more benefit that will you get, include you can save your income and give alms.

If you still thinking that smoking is good, do you really wanna ask your children and your family to smoke since they were a child? Certainly not! It’s your heart’s voice. You can’t lie even to yourself.

Let’s we contemplate this, check this out!

  • There are 25 diseases in alcoholic beverage (miras in Indonesia), and then alcoholic beverage have been forbidden (haram).
  • There are 15 diseases in meat’s pig, and then meat’s pig have been forbidden (haram).
  • There are 4000 poisons in a stem of cigarette. Do you think that cigarette will be forbidden too..??

Do you wanna stop smoking now? I’m ready to help you happily J


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