Makrifat to Allah is the destination that must be reached and goals that be expected. If someone appear to Allah because he was being opened the door of makrifat, then he will gets serenity in that makrifat. Because in makrifat, he will meet the abundance of spiritual enjoyment. Therefore, it will makes him aspire to add good deed. It because too much superiority are being given by Allah to him.

With that makrifat, servant of Allah will nearer with Allah because he can “see” Allah with his makrifat. The meaning of makrifat here is have ability to see with eye of heart (matahati). Servant of Allah, who near with Allah, he will able to know Allah properly. Because makrifat, according to literal meaning, is recognize. It means, near with Allah, recognize about Allah’s characteristics, and then doing a pious deed. The most principal knowledge is makrifat to Allah.

Makrifat, for the servant of Allah, is needed in praying and practicing. Because, he will get to the higher point, namely haqqul yaqin. Knowing that Allah exist means he will be in ilmul yaqin level. While if someone has recognized Allah properly, he will be in ainul yaqin level. However, when he recognize Allah and it become part of life, in makrifat level, then he has be in haqqul yaqin level.

Someone who makrifat to Allah, it isn’t means he decreasing worship and pious deed . The higher makrifat, the higher worship and pious deed. The destination is not reward, but Allah’s ridho as a gift from Allah. As it Allah said in Al-Quran, “..For those who believe and do pious deed, so for them the reward endless.” (Q.S At-Tin: 6).


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