Terra Incognita

Human was being choosen became khalifah because they have ability to choose. In every step, we always determine and take choices. We take choice and rely on our fate on choice that we made. No choice to return. We bet on all our life on every choice that we have made. Bet, it means we never know what would happens tomorrow is.

We only can predict what would happen to us and how big the probability is. Basically, we lives in probability. We bet on all probability that we expect could be the best ones. We never know which one that would be the best for us, although we know what we want.

However, we can choose the beginning. We can predict how the process will be happened and assumed that all the things could well done agree with the calculation. However, we are indeed bet, we can’t choose the results from steps that have passed. There are the rules; there’s probability; and there’s lucky factor (Allah’s wish which we love the form, quantity, and time).

Indeed, we lives in terra incognita sphere, that is unknown sphere that constitute future areas which unmapped before. It isn’t means that we don’t necessary make a plan; determine the destination; or arrange the direction of our life. Certainly, this is our chance to explore new sphere. Because, nature, soul, and life are dark sphere and interesting to be brighten.


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