On Becoming a Learner

The essence of life is to learn. Life is learning process and develop ourselves so that become better than before. Actually, too many things that can we share about our life experiences. The things that we see, we hear, and we feel, and then we reveal it by oral. All the things can become something that meaningful and enrich our experiences.

Little things mean a lot. It means too many small things that actually have lots of meaning. If we wanna more observe, more look inside, and more think deeply. When we only see something ordinarily, everything will appear ordinary, nothing special. When we passed the valuable moments, then it’s only became past moments that can’t became lesson for us. There’s no lesson to be learned.

For me, a learner will always trying to learn from every moments, either that originate from himself or the others. Actually, I wanna be like them who able to see values of life and catch the lesson that would be valuable experience. That’s the essence of life: on becoming a learner. Learning in wide meaning.

Learning, learning, and learning. It’s shows that human is creature who have many restrictiveness in themselves. Learning is the process to know ourselves. Knowing the true of ourselves. Knowing each potential so that we able to increase our added value. So that, we can give benefit as much as possible to the others.

“Man ‘arofa nafsahu, faqod ‘arofa robbahu…”

The human who knows themselves, then they will know their God… Know yourself, master yourself.


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