I don’t care about my sadness or my happiness, because I don’t know which one of those that better for me. —Umar bin Khatab r.a

Problems for those of people might become disaster. Regretting and asking “why must me? Why not the others?” Whereas, he already feels doing pious deed . Whereas, according to Allah, those problems would clean our sins and make us stronger. Indeed, decision to complain or to be patient in facing problems are determined by ourselves. However, consequences from these choice will very different.

Changing our thought when experiencing condition so as not to become worse or makes us feel suffering, it’s called reframing. We are given two choices in choosing what the reaction is. First, keep thinking positively or, second, thinking negatively. Whatever the choice that we have choosen, it will give effects to our soul or our mentality. Reframing will urge us to choose the choices that will give benefit and enable ourselves be in positive emotion condition.

In Ramadhan, let’s we practice to prejudice positively, so that we can feel far more quiet than before. Because, prejudice negatively will makes someone feels fear and worried about the things that haven’t happened yet. It’s also that makes us feel suffering. Let’s we learn to believe  about Allah’s guarantee. Allah never give us badness. Let’s reframing and convincing ourselves that Allah’s fate definitely would be the best for us. Like Umar bin Khatab’s quote above. Whatever condition, it must be the best for us.


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