Independence Day Ramadhan’s Edition

Nowadays, Ramadhan is coincide with Indonesia’s Independence Day. Ramadhan these day has the same month as the moment while our patriots seize Indonesia’s independence from the colonizer. Unimaginable before that how difficult their struggle are. However, because of their struggle, nowadays we can enjoyed Ramadhan momentum safely and quietly.

But, grabbing is easier than defending. The challenge these days is more complicated than the past. Why? Because now, we encounter the challenge that not in plain view. Namely, globalization, modernization, capitalism, etc. Moreover, the first president in Indonesia has said that, “Nowadays, our enemy is harder than enemy from prior period, because our enemies these days are our own nation.”

To appreciate patriots’ merits, appears the culture to appreciate it. We called it Independence Day Celebration. It’s be marked by the contest that be enlivened by many participant. The contest are “balap karung”, “panjat pinang”, “tarik tambang”, “makan kerupuk”, etc. However, the celebration these days have a difference, because its celebration is coincide with Ramadhan.

Inevitably, this celebration must be labeled “Ramadhan Edition”. But, it doesn’t mean we ignored this celebration. Perhaps, for mostly people, this celebration still going on, but it’s suited by Ramadhan’s moment. But, I haven’t read or watch yet news about Independence Day’s Celebration that be held in Ramadhan.

However, if most of the people still want held Independence Day’s Celebration on Ramadhan, then we must pay attention about the rule that may not be contravened. If we contravene that rule, it will canceling our Ramadhan’s reward. What’s the rule? The rule is: “Forbidden to hold “makan kerupuk” contest for those who are fasting in the daytime during Ramadan.

And I’m sure that the rule won’t generate controversy. Will it?


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