Independence Day & Independent Human

I wanna say “Happy Independence Day” for those who read this note. Let’s we contemplate again about the meaning of “independence” that we achieved now. Whether it has made us become independent human or it’s only a slogan? Perhaps, we have already felt independent, but basically we still be confined by outer influence. Either by culture, trend, or life style, etc.

Ramadhan will educate us become a fine human, it may be heard ambiguous (two meanings) of word “fine”: human who have good (fine) character or human who have many rules and fine. Two of them can be right. However, how it could happen? Whereas, those of words have a contradiction meaning. Logically, whether the independence can be formed by confining the independence? It may be paradox.

Ramadhan as a education month will educate our character. Fasting will keep us from excessive desire of eat and anger. Certainly, those rules are created for our goodness until it makes us become a fine human. The human character that have been educated well, it’s possible thing will produce the good state and achieve the true independence. Either independent from fatuity, proverty, or the other problems.

This independence was achieved by long process and consistency, certainly with the rule. Essentially, we’re independent, but still in the corridor that be responsible to maintain the law that become guard of the independence. The independence could be guaranteed if the law and the rule isn’t violated. It means, independence only can be achieved by one condition: if human has already can curb himself from character which can break the independence. And such condition will be easily educated  in Ramadhan.

So, whether can we said that the people who carry out worship in Ramadhan that may not eat and drink before its time, may not speak badly, or the others word “may not” for the things that will decrease Ramadhan’s reward, are the people who are confined its independence? This question will be felt “strange” by Moslems who have fine personality. What the reason? Because in their personality have been planted a good character so that such rules have became their good habit. It’s not compulsion anymore. That’s independent human. We hope, the independence of Indonesia will produce independent human more.


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