A servant of Allah who requires and begs to Allah, tawakkal and believe that only Allah who able give him aid about any problems in the world and the hereafter, certainly Allah will accept their request. The requirement indeed “easy”. Leaning all the things that he wanted only to Allah. Everything will be granted by Him. Everything that far will be neared and all the things that difficult will be easier.

However, if a servant of Allah who expecting something from Allah because rely on his knowledge and his thought, his ability and his power, Allah hardly to approve their request because it was mingle with their arrogance. Allah dislike this way, because people have restrictiveness. Only Allah who most know what the people need is.

The things that will be difficult to be tried are put ourselves as requester and put Allah as “place” of begging. Here, the power of hope only to Allah is very needed because we are the people who don’t have anything. The higher makrifat will give everything only to Allah and then wait patiently and tawakkal until Allah give the best ones for us.

The faithful people expect to Allah with khauf  (afraid) and roja’ (hope). Khauf means always in anxiousness if Allah doesn’t accept his worship. Roja’ means always in hope only to Allah in order that Allah would accept his worship and his pious deed. Allah never disappointing us as long as we live in hope only to Allah. Hoping only to Allah.


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