LOA: Why Good Things Happen to Good People

Everything is given, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.

Law of conservation of energy declared that energy isn’t destroyed, but transformed. It means, energy never disappear, value of energy that we accepted would be the same as value of energy that we produced. In Law of Attraction (LOA), we used to call it: “What you get is what you give”. The more you give, the more you get.

Every day we produce an energy; like working, learning, reading, writing, or others activity. Energy that we produced never be useless. Energy will be transformed being other energy form. For instance: after working, we will get earn; after learning, we will get new insight, etc. Make sure that whatever we have done is goodness. According to LOA, it must be goodness that we get then.

However, sometimes what we got didn’t match with what we have given. So, what’s wrong with this? We often expected that the thing which we accept must be the same as what we have given. Whereas, we will get what we need, not what we want. And, it must there’s the thing that we get in plain view and unseen view. Not always in plain view.

The goodness that we have done to others, it must be back to us in goodness too. Either in friendship, respect, or happiness. The more value of goodness that we give to others, the more value of goodness that we get. So, basically, each we do goodness, actually we do goodness to ourselves. Let’s we see in Al-Quran Q.S Al-Isra[17]: 7.

“If you do goodness, it means you do goodness to yourself. And if you do badness, it means you do badness to yourself…”

In other case, whatever badness that we have done, only deliver us on the sadness and trouble. It will become regret and sin. However, there’s a question: Why so many people do the badness but still be in happiness and prosperity? The answer is: just wait. It means, Law of Attraction must be valid. We called it postponement or istidraj. Istidraj means postpone the time and the punishment that Allah given, and then Allah will give hard punishment.

Let’s we see in Al-Quran Q.S Ibrahim[14]: 42.

“And don’t once in a while you (Muhammad) thought, that Allah is unaware of what is done by people who do wrong. Actually, Allah gives respite to them until the day when the eyes (they are) wide open.”


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