Spirit of (Alms)Giving

Just giving, don’t hope return
Like a sun, irradiate the world

Hands on is better than beneath. Giving’s level is higher than receiving’s level. Yes, we often heard these statement and (hopefully) have applied it. And in Ramadhan, hopefully we can habituate it more. But, don’t worry to apply it. Because we can start from the small things. The things is done little by little but consistently better than doing big things but not planned.

I think, Ramadhan is the best moment to apply it more. Giving is powerful to make us become rich. Yes, like an exercise to be rich. Different from receiving’s habit. If we felt happy when receive, be carefull, it’s sign that we are poor (mentality). Moreover, happy’s sensation in receiving will change become habit and character. And once more, it would be the same as an exercise to be poor.

I have an anekdot, did you know why poverty in Indonesia is difficult to be disappeared? Because many of those who feel happy become poor—because feel happier when receiving than giving. And I think the principle of giving is right: the more we give, the more we receive. What you get is what you give. Nothing is given, nothing is obtained.

The more we give, the more Allah will give fortune to us. The easier we give, the easier Allah will help us. The bigger our sacrifice, the bigger Allah loving us. Moreover, giving not only done while we have more, but also while we were straitened. Because Allah has said to us in Al-Quran Q.S At-Talaq[65]: 7.  Check it out (you also can check in Q.S Al-Baqoroh[2]: 261-274).

“For those who capable, they ought to give their almsgiving according to their capability. And for those who straitened, they ought to give their almsgiving too…” Q.S At-Talaq[65]: 7

When giving, better to hide our left hand. It means, when we are giving, not necessary to hope return. After giving, then forget it. Because to give is to be forgotten. Don’t publish our gift because it will makes receiver feel ashamed, makes giver feel arrogant, and makes those who see feel jealous.

This Ramadhan is the best moment to develop our mentality of giving. Let’s we increase our thankfulness—although starts it from the small things. Giving because Allah indeed loves it. Giving to duplicate benefit. Giving as realization become human who have many benefit to the others. Hopefully, we can do this consistently and able to realize (alms)giving as our spirit and habit.


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