The Miracle of Ujug-ujug

I think all of you agree with this statement, “Miracle is the thing that happen out of our logic”. Miracle probably happen in our daily life, or at least in some cases. But, we are believe that miracle happened with Allah’s permission. Certainly, the miracle happened when we were doing some action. “No action, nothing happen. When we take action, miracle happen.”

In some cases, miracle happen unpredictable. It may happen suddenly, it doesn’t care whether we are ready or not. But, one thing that must be believed: it’s Allah’s dominance. Although it can’t be received by our mind, but we must believe it. Because sometimes miracle only can be received by belief (faith).

Miracle happen suddenly and unpredictable. This is the reason why we called it “ujug-ujug”. Miracle only happen to faithful person, because only faithful person who able to read the secret behind every case. S/He able to read what the lesson learned is. For those people who have belief only to Allah, Allah will give solution and fortune from unpredictable way.

After having belief, we must take action to make miracle happen. After that, we must be tawakkal. Devolve whatever its result only to Allah. And let miracle happen in our life and we will get the best result which unpredictable before. The things that must be done are belief and tawakkal—after working. Let the miracle of ujug-ujug happen to us.

Let’s we see in Al-Quran Q.S At-Thalaq[65]: 2-3.

“For those who believe to Allah, He will give solution surely. And give them fortune from unpredictable way (ujug-ujug). And for those who tawakkal to Allah, He will satisfy their need.”


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