While waiting for an agenda at UNS with my mother, I decided to walk around the city, yes it is really walk by foot. Be knowledgeable, distance from hotel to tour object is so near. Because I didn’t know the route of public transportation here, so I think the most effective way is by walking. With a guide map which I took from lobby of hotel, I explored it one by one. Because inter-object could be reached in one way by parallel. Here I posted my photos …

Pasar Gede, one of famous market in Solo, besides Pasar Klewer

A view from Keraton Surakarta

There is an activity at Pendopo, for public

In Keraton area, there are Great Mosque, alun-alun, and of course Keraton or Pendopo itself. Aha, there is something that made me interested. Namely, Alun-alun, Pendopo, and Great Mosque. Ya, three of them always be in one unity. Not only in Solo, but also in other cities that I have visited, especially in Pantura way and South way. It is must have a relation with Netherland commonwealth during 350 years.

After walking around, I decided to go to UNS directly. Because I didn’t know the route, so I decided to get on pedicab. By the way, in order to make them empowered too…


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