What I did Last Holiday

Actually, it has been a long while I would like to tell to you about what I did last holiday. There are several places that I visited, both in Kanazawa and other places. While Golden Week, which has long holiday, I was accompanied by my friends, and also PPI Ishikawa’s friends to explore some places in Japan.

The first place I visited was Uchinada beach. It is located in West Kanazawa, it has been so long I didn’t see beach in Indonesia, because my hometown (Bandung) is located in the middle of island (Java). So, knowing that Kanazawa has beach, I was happy because I could enjoy beach anytime. While I came to the beach, it was held kite festival and there are so many people there, but not crowded.

Next week after I visited Uchinada beach, we, PPI Ishikawa’s friends, have a plan to visit Tulip Fair in Tonami, Toyama—prefecture beside Ishikawa, where being my hometown in Japan. I think, I have to go to Holland if wanna see Tulip. But, my opinion was false, we don’t necessary to go to Holland because there are Tulip flowers in Japan. Here is the picture …

And the last one, we went to Fukui—prefecture in South Ishikawa, to attend PORDA, Sports week. I became badminton contingent, both single and double tournament. It was pleasure for me to meet other Indonesian’s people, make friends everyday!


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