Testimoni Teman Jepang Tentang Indonesia

Berikut testimoni dari teman Jepang, Masato Teranishi san, yang sempat mengambil program “Short stay in Indonesia” dalam rangka kerjasama ITB dan Kanazawa University di bulan November 2012 lalu. Saya mintakan testimoninya, supaya kita sebagai pribumi bisa mengambil pelajaran dari sudut pandang orang asing tentang Indonesia. Menarik untuk disimak!

What we Japanese think about Indonesia
(transportation, culture, food, rules, people and etc)

I have been to Indonesia twice and experienced the culture and habit. The most surprising thing is that there are many motor bicycles running everywhere. And also there are less traffic lights than in Japan. So I had difficulty to across the road sometimes.

The system of angkot is good I think. We can take it and get off easily and pay just cheap price. There is no system like this in Japan.

About culture, I find toilet has no paper but has shower or water pool. This style is quite different from Japanese or western one. So I had to go somewhere always with toilet paper. It was hard but I could get used to it soon.

Most Indonesian food is very spicy even they say it is not spicy. It was difficult for me to eat Indonesian spicy food.

The Rule in Indonesia is almost same as Japanese one. I could not find bid difference. But it is easy for me to notice that there is no pork food because of Islam people. This is because they should not eat haram food. This is so famous story I did not get surprised.

Indonesia people are kind if I know him or her. I mean most people are kind but some are not. My Indonesian friends often care of me. But I’m sorry that there are some bad Indonesian. For example robber, bad taxi driver, bad airport officer. I heard from my friends they were stolen camera, cellphone or PC. Though it is common there is robber in the world, I was afraid especially while I was there. I encounter bad taxi driver and airport officer. They demand to me extra money. I had no way except paying it. I felt very sorry. But the number of bad people is small. Almost all people are kind so I like Indonesia


4 thoughts on “Testimoni Teman Jepang Tentang Indonesia

    1. Rizal Dwi Prayogo Post author

      Iya ul mereka bilang kyk gitu (bs berhenti dmn aja) tuh benri (nyaman). Kalo disini kan strict banget, kyk robot sistem transportasinya. Cuma ya justru krn bs berhenti dmn aja jadinya macet


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